Vauxhall Online Service Booking

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With our MasterFit and WarrantyFit services, we only use genuine Vauxhall parts, approved diagnostic equipment and fully synthetic oils so you can be sure your Vauxhall remains at its highest standard.

All of our technicians have been fully trained by the Award Winning Vauxhall National Academy so you can rest assured that your Vauxhall is being serviced by the experts.

With a MasterFit or WarrantyFit service, your Vauxhall will benefit from a full exterior wash and a thorough interior vacuum.

By servicing and having an MOT at Baylis your Vauxhall is being dealt with by an approved Vauxhall dealer, you will improve the resale value of your car, meaning more money when thinking about part-exchanging it.

Servicing your car

We offer three tiers of servicing for your Vauxhall. Our FastFit service will cover the basics and get the job done. However, if you want your vehicle serviced with genuine Vauxhall part replacements then MasterFit or WarrantyFit is your best option. The benefit of our premium service, WarrantyFit, is that it includes over £100 of extras to keep your Vauxhall in top condition:

  • an Engine Diagnostic Test, highlighting historic engine errors and acting as a preventative rather than reactive check for potential issues
  • an Emission Control Service, providing a full fuel system cleanse to improve fuel efficiency
  • an Anti-Perforation warranty check, which protects the underside of your vehicle from bodywork blistering which can ultimately lead to rust.

Alternatively you can book over the phone 8.00am - 7.30pm Monday - Friday.