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Vauxhall Air Conditioning Service

Your air conditioning system is key to your comfort on the road. After all, a hot summer’s day and broken air conditioning makes for a very unpleasant on-road experience. But that’s not all it does – your air con system is also useful in winter, keeping windows demisted and providing some heat on frosty mornings. As such, regular maintenance is vital to its year-round performance.

An air conditioning service enables our trained Vauxhall technicians to assess the state of the system and ensure it’s running efficiently. It also means we can identify potential issues such as leaks, which can cause further problems if left unchecked.

At Baylis Vauxhall you can opt of either of the following services:

Air conditioning refresh

This is a basic anti-bacterial treatment that thoroughly cleanses the whole system and ensures it delivers clean, fresh air to your Vauxhall’s cabin at all times. We recommend your vehicle has one every year, especially if you’re a hayfever or asthma sufferer, as it will enhance and maintain the overall interior air quality.

Air conditioning service

One of the main parts of your air conditioning system is its refrigerant gas. During the course of a year, up to 10% of this gas can seep out of the system, causing a reduction in its efficiency. Not only that, insufficient refrigerant can lead to internal system damage – and therefore a much more expensive repair.

Our air conditioning service incorporates a full gas and lubricant recharge in addition to the cleansing of the system and removal of moisture and debris. As a result, you’ll enjoy fresh air and improved fuel economy, since any extra strain on your engine will be mitigated.

To find out more about our Vauxhall air conditioning services or to book an appointment with our aftersales team, contact your nearest Baylis Vauxhall dealership today.