The Vauxhall Grandland X just got more efficient. More innovative. More powerful. The marque’s first ever four-wheel drive, plug-in hybrid vehicle has arrived. A 1.6-litre petrol engine combines with two electric motors powered by a 13.2kWh battery. Giving you 30 miles in pure electric mode. And vastly improving efficiency in hybrid mode - to up to 176.5mpg. It’s time to say goodbye to range anxiety. And there’s no worry about charging time either. At home, full charge can be achieved in two hours. But if you’re on the move, charging is still no problem. With 20,000 charge points across the UK, there’s always one close by. Plus your onboard IntelliLink system will guide you there. Quickly and efficiently. Cheaper tax, lower fuel costs and no congestion charges. What’s not to love?

Model range

The devil, they say, is in the detail. So do you go bold, smart or sporty? With a host of models to choose from, it’s up to you. Go advanced with the Tech Line Nav edition. Or understated with the SE trim. Or pull out all the stops with the range-topping Ultimate. Or, if it’s all out style you want then the SRI Nav is for you. Dark and brooding, it’s stylish and bold. Tinted rear windows, high-contrast black roof and chrome window trim feature. It’s a statement of a car. Whatever model you choose, you can’t go wrong. Intelligent technology and state of the art infotainment systems feature throughout. Options like cruise control and side blind spot alert add to driver safety. Driver comfort is covered with dual-zone climate control. And convenience features like wireless smartphone charging simply make life easier. As with any great family vehicle, the Grandland X offers something for everybody.

Grandland X driving position
Design Modern SUVs are made to be versatile. They need to be. Modern day driving requires it. Not only do they need to be able to get around town with ease. They are required for action. So they need to be ready for adventure. The Vauxhall Grandland X is no different. It’s a driving force. Muscular yet elegant. Rugged yet athletic. Making it a prime candidate for exploring the great outdoors. Sleek lines and standout sculpting are complemented by chrome details and smart LED headlamps. A variety of colours and wheel designs are available. All of which will ensure you turn heads. While an elevated ride height gives you a superior view of the road. Plus the clearance needed to tackle tough terrain. The Grandland X is ready for adventure. Are you?
Grandland X 360
Grandland X interior 360
Grandland X exterior 360
Grandland X interior


With the Grandland X, you’re never alone. Because a host of intelligent features always has your back. Features like Lane Departure Warning, designed to help on long, tiresome motorway journeys. And Forward Collision Warning to reduce the risk of low-speed accidents. Sometimes struggle with parallel parking? Not anymore, thanks to Advanced Park Assist. The Grandland X steers you into a space at the touch of a button. All you need to do is operate the brake and accelerator. There’s evenhands-free tailgate operation. This innovative technology is one of the most practical and useful in the Grandland X. Simply wave your foot under the rear bumper and the boot will open. So whether your arms are full of shopping, suitcases or sports equipment, access is easy.

Grandland X interior view
Grandland X You can never get too comfortable on the road. That’s why the Grandland X offers an array of features to enhance every drive. Optional, ergonomically certified AGR sports seats provide all-round cushioning and adjustability. They offer full lumbar support and tiltable seat cushions for customisable comfort. They can also banish the winter chills thanks to a heating function. Which also features on the steering wheel. Plus, there’s a heated front windscreen for fast defrosting. Winter drives have never felt so cosy. There’s also ambient lighting inside the cabin and around the car to illuminate your path. And of course, electronic climate control to maintain the ideal temperature for everyone aboard. Who says adventures can’t be luxurious? The Grandland X is breaking the mold in more ways than one.
Grandland X heated screen
Grandland X media centre Great entertainment can make a journey go faster. It can also make it more pleasurable. And with IntelliLink, all the connectivity you need for the ideal journey is at your fingertips. Use the touchscreen to access music, podcasts and audiobooks. Or to make and receive calls. You can even operate compatible smartphone apps. Plus, with the Denon audio system that is available on selected trims, the sound quality is faultless. There’s even an option for wireless device charging. No more messy, tangled cables; just simple and effective charging on the go. Combine all of this and you have a more pleasurable journey. Even if the kids can’t agree on which music to play. It’s what the Grandland X does: maximises driving enjoyment.


  • R4.0 IntelliLink system
  • Cruise control with speed limiter
  • Rear parking sensors
  • Automatic lighting control
  • High Beam Assist
  • Electronic climate control
  • Auto dimming rear view mirror
  • Lane Departure Warning
  • Six airbags


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