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Driving this winter has never been easier, as all-wheel drive (AWD), IntelliLux LED matrix headlights and steering wheel heating from Vauxhall take the stress away from the harsh winter weather. Winter brings with it poorer visibility, colder temperatures and longer nights, so when the roads get icy, and the windscreens get frosty, a Vauxhall will keep you safe and warm.

Ensuring drivers can get a grip this winter, Vauxhall offers a range of models with intelligent traction control systems from IntelliGrip to adaptive all-wheel drive with torque vectoring. With IntelliGrip on the new Grandland X, drivers can choose from five modes, including mud and snow, to ensure they get the right traction for the road condition. IntelliGrip adapts torque distribution to the front wheels, allowing slip when necessary, and adjusts the accelerator pedal control map. When combined with the six-speed automatic transmission, IntelliGrip optimises the shift points to the driving situation.

Customers can choose from a range of models featuring all-wheel drive to keep a sure-footing on slippery surfaces. The intelligent AWD system, available on the Mokka X SUV, distributes the torque as necessary in a split second, from economical 100 percent front-wheel drive to 50:50 between the front and rear axles, to give maximum traction on icy or snowy surfaces. The new Insignia ensures efficient driving using its adaptive all-wheel drive system with torque vectoring, as well as a rear-drive module that has a twin clutch system without differential. The Insignia’s all-wheel drive system can apply torque to one or both of the rear wheels independently, enabling torque vectoring capability across the car’s full performance range.

It’s not just the wet, snowy and icy conditions that can be the problem during winter, the long dark nights during the colder months can make driving more challenging. And that’s why Vauxhall has a range of intelligent lighting systems that mean even the darkest roads are illuminated. The adaptive full-LED headlights, available on the Mokka X and Grandland X, adapt to the prevailing situation and enable driving with full beam without dazzling other road users. The system also enables people or animals near the road to be seen earlier than with conventional low beam. Elsewhere in the range, Vauxhall offers its IntelliLux LED matrix headlights, available on the Astra and new Insignia.

Setting off in the cold winter mornings has also been made easier, with Vauxhall helping to ease the burden of clearing windscreens and stepping into a cold car. The Insignia and Grandland X help to de-ice your car with heated exterior mirrors and heated windscreens, with a fine wire heating element defrosting the windscreen silently and comfortably at the push of a button. Insignia drivers can even make sure their car is warm before they set off thanks to the stationary heater that is operated through either a remote control timer or automatic programming according to temperature sensors. A heated steering wheel gives the driver further comfort during the cold months.

It is not just the driver who will benefit from the extra warmth this winter, as drivers and passengers in the Astra, Grandland X and Insignia can benefit from the heated, multi-adjustable and ergonomically certified AGR seats.

And if that wasn’t enough, Vauxhall is helping its customers beat the winter blues when they book in their vehicle for a comprehensive 25-point health check. The seasonal Check and Treat programme looks after vehicle and driver alike, with customers able to choose between coffee and cake, cinema tickets or headphones for themselves as an added bonus. For just £25, drivers can treat their car to a 25-point check, carried out by Vauxhall-trained technicians. This will include checking steering and suspension among other key components, as well as topping-up vital fluids to ensure vehicles are ready for whatever winter brings.

You can book your Winter check and Treat here