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Vauxhall FastFit Service

At Baylis, we know that many people are put off by the high cost of servicing their vehicle. However, getting your car regularly serviced by professional technicians not only keeps your vehicle in tip top condition, but also keeps you safe on the road. In addition to this, did you know that regular servicing, particularly by your vehicles' manufacturer approved dealership, helps your car retain its resale value when you consider part-exchanging it in the future.

FastFit, MasterFit or WarrantyFit Service?

With this in mind, we have a 3-tier range of service options. We offer a competitively priced FastFit service, which is an essential service covering all of the basics your vehicle needs, starting from £82 for an interim service. If you want genuine Vauxhall parts and fully synthetic oil, we offer a MasterFit service from £169 for an interim service. Alternatively we also offer a WarrantyFit service which includes premium extras such as Vauxhall Engine Diagnostic test, to highlight anything that could become a problem, and a Emission Control Service, which cleans and filters the fuel system to ensure your vehicle is as fuel efficient as possible.

Full or Interim Vehicle Service?

Although we recommend you service your vehicle every year or 20,000 miles, whichever you reach soonest, this does not need to be a Full service. To make motoring more affordable we also offer Interim services, which you can choose every other year, and saves you needing to pay for replacement filters and spark plugs on an annual basis. We offer Full and Interim services in all of our tiers of service.

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