Vauxhall OnStar

Vauxhall OnStar is a sophisticated and industry-leading piece of technology which is now available across a wide range of Vauxhall cars here at Baylis.

Integrated into your car, OnStar is designed to keep you connected wherever you are. As well as being able to connect to the internet through your car, you will also have a friendly advisor on hand at all times to assist you, whether you need help to find a destination, locate your car or in an emergency.

Automatic Crash Response

OnStar will help to relieve the panic and worry should you be involved in an accident. By opening a direct line with a specially trained advisor

as soon as your airbag is activated, you will be reassured that help is on its way, whilst the system pinpoints your location to instantly inform the emergency services if they are needed. The friendly advisor will speak to you in your chosen language to help put you at ease, even if you are abroad.

WI-FI Hotspot

Your internet connectivity is important to you and so we have made it easier for you to keep connected wherever you are. With the powerful antenna positioned on the roof of the car you can enjoy a fast and reliable internet connection whilst on the move, with the car itself being a WI-FI hotspot. With the option to connect up to 7 devices, the whole family can keep entertained for any length of journey.

Smartphone Function

The Vauxhall OnStar app gives you the flexibility to control functions remotely, allowing you to lock or unlock doors, check fuel and oil levels, check tyre pressure, send navigation details to the system and much more. Even if you need to find where you parked your car, the OnStar app can help by locating your car, flashing the lights and honking the horn when you are close by.

Stolen Vehicle Assistance

Once you have reported your car as stolen, your dedicated advisor can use the crime reference number and help to locate your car using the GPS technology. They can also remotely deactivate the ignition, should the thief decide to turn off the engine, and so putting the car out of action and allowing the police to recover it for you.

Vehicle Diagnostics

If you are worried about any internal aspect of your car, whether you see a warning light pop up or feel that something isn’t right, pressing the service button will indicate to your advisor that you would like a remote health check on the car. They will then let you know if there is anything wrong and if you need a mechanic, sending you the address of the closes Vauxhall dealer straight to your navigation system. You are also able to schedule in a monthly email to show your oil levels, tyre pressures and other diagnostic information so you can be assured your car is in top condition.

Destination Download

Are you tired of having to type whole addresses into your navigation system? With Vauxhall OnStar, your helpful advisor will quickly be able to find your destination and download it straight to your navigation system. This takes out the stress of having to manually enter destinations and gives you the flexibility to change your destination mid-drive.


With Vauxhall OnStar, you are in complete control, and so if you want to turn off any of the services provided, you can. After you have registered your OnStar, you have the flexibility to change the settings on any of the OnStar features. So, if you don’t want anyone to be able to locate your car, you can press the Privacy button to prevent this feature, with OnStar only overriding this in times of emergency. Many of the features, such as remote door unlocking and stolen vehicle assistance, will ask for a PIN to be able to use them, which will keep your car safe and secure. Vauxhall also guarantee that your information is never passed on to anyone else, only OnStar and selected third parties will be able to access this information.

“All OnStar services and Wi-Fi services will cease to be available on 31st December 2020. No trial or paid subscriptions or services, including emergency response services, will be available after that date.”