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Star Chef Tom Kerridge, who grew up in Gloucestershire is in the process of creating a new TV series for BBC2 called 'Lose Weight and Get Fit' and is looking for local Gloucester volunteers to get involved.

As part of the casting process, Tom is looking for local Gloucestershire businesses to help spread the word in the community and is inviting applications from couples and individuals in the Gloucester area who would like get fitter and lose weight.

Tom has created a new healthy eating and exercise regime and needs volunteers to road test his recipes and workout with him! The volunteers will have a 10 week plan to follow to see if they can improve their fitness levels and lose weight.

If this sounds like it might be of interest to you, please find a link to the application form for the series below:

Please complete the application form in as much detail as possible and return it ASAP, remembering to include a recent photo.

Filming for this series is scheduled to take place between 17th June and August 24th 2019 – a 10 week period in total. Most of the time volunteers will be following Tom’s plan at home unsupervised. The commitment required for filming is broadly as follows:

  • Launch meeting - where participants meet Tom and each other for the first time. Current weight and fitness levels will be measured and the new plan will be introduced. Approx 1 and a half days, with a possible overnight stay
  • Home visit from Tom – one visit from Tom in the first 4 weeks to cook and/or exercise with each participant, of approx. half a day
  • Mid-point meeting – everyone gathers again at the half way mark to discuss progress and share experiences, approx. half day
  • Progress report/s – one or two home visits per participant from the director of the series over the course of the 10 weeks, of a few hours each visit
  • End of experiment – volunteers are reunited with Tom and weight and fitness levels are measured again, approx. 1 day
  • Applicants need to live within a 30-minute drive of Gloucester City Centre and be over 18.

More info can be found on the flyer below or if you have any questions regarding the application process, please don’t hesitate to call on 0117 906 4321.