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Vauxhall Air Conditioning Service Offer

Baylis offer a range of Vauxhall air conditioning service to make sure your car's system is running at optimum levels. This increases efficiency and maximises both economy and comfort levels. There are many other reasons to keep your air conditioning at peak running order: here are some tips from our experts.

What can you do to ensure your air conditioning stays efficient between services?

Irrespective of the weather, switch on the air conditioning system for a few minutes every month. This will ensure the internal gas seals don’t dry out and cause potential leaks.

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Anti-Bacterial De-Bug Treatment

How often should the system be serviced?

Baylis follow the manufacturer's guidance; generally they recommend a basic air conditioning service starting three years from the initial vehicle registration, and every year thereafter. This is separate to the normal scheduled vehicle service.

Why does the system need servicing?

Unlike a domestic fridge, your vehicle is subjected to vibration and road impact. This inevitably causes the system to lose its gas pressure and not cool as it should. The system also has oil circulating within, which stops the internal components from drying out. Like most oil, it gets contaminated.

How do I know if my air conditioning system is working efficiently?

Contact us and we will carry out a temperature and function test free of charge.

Can my air conditioning system be repaired by anyone?

No, due to the nature of the gas, it is against the law for anyone to repair the system who has not been accredited with The Automotive Refrigerant Handling qualification.

What if my air conditioning has been re-gassed at another garage and still doesn’t work?

Bring the vehicle to us and we will carry out a diagnostic service, which will identify any gas leaks. If required we will provide you with an estimate for repairs. If we repair the system there is no second charge to re-gas it.

Why does my air conditioning smell when it’s first operated?

The smell is the result of bacteria/algae breeding in the system. The bacteria's by-products are what cause the unpleasant odours and can cause allergic reactions such as coughs, sneezes and sore throats. To eliminate this we will carry out an Anti-Bacterial De-bug Treatment.

Air Conditioning and Environmental Services


System Temperature check: FREE

Includes: carrying out operation test procedure and recording temperature at the vents

Anti-Bacterial De-bug Treatment: £20

Includes: carrying out functionality test procedure and executing system treatment

Basic Air Conditioning service: WAS £59.95 NOW £49.95

Includes: checking drive belts, removing old gas/oil and vacuuming any moisture from the system. New gas/oil will be added and a pressure/function test carried out.

Diagnostic/leak detection and basic service: WAS £79.95 NOW £69.95

Includes: checking drive belts, removing old gas/oil and vacuuming any moisture from the system. New gas/oil added, ultra-violet dye leak detector inserted and a full diagnostic test carried out. Findings will be reported.