The Electric Range at Baylis

Whether you’re in need of a compact hatchback or a large people carrier, there’s a vehicle in the Baylis electric range to suit you.

Offering dynamic styling, high levels of equipment, and exceptional versatility, they provide a premium driving experience and cleaner performance.

As proud representatives of Vauxhall and MG, we’re delighted to supply a wide range of electric and hybrid vehicles. Indeed, we’re fully on board with the electric revolution, which is beginning to achieve a greener, cleaner, quieter and more affordable motoring future.

A 100% electric vehicle such as the Vauxhall Corsa Electric or MG4 EV produces zero CO2 and NOx emissions, which means it’s fully eco-friendly and extremely cost-effective to run. You can journey up to 209 miles on a single charge with the Corsa – and as much as 281 miles with the MG4 EV (Long Range model).

If you’re not yet ready to go completely electric, we have excellent plug-in hybrid (PHEV) alternatives. The all-new Astra PHEV and the MG HS PHEV are two fine examples, both producing low emissions while returning plenty of miles per gallon.

Should you require an electrified commercial vehicle, we have those too, including the compact Combo Electric and the full-size Movano Electric.

Please click through our electric and hybrid Vauxhall and MG models today to find your ideal vehicle.

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The Benefits of Buying Electric

Most customers choose an electric or hybrid car to reduce their carbon footprint. But making the switch offers far more than just environmental benefits. In addition to ensuring local air is cleaner, driving an EV means cheaper running costs and road tax, and more affordable maintenance. Costing between 2p-4p per mile to run, fully electric cars can save you thousands of pounds long term, while fewer moving parts means cheaper servicing. There are performance benefits too, including a near-silent drive and instant torque, which results in swifter acceleration.