Electric Explained. Your Vehicles. Your Way. Anywhere. We’re delighted to help customers embrace a greener future by providing the full range of Vauxhall electric and hybrid vehicles.

The Electric Range

Whether you’re in need of a compact hatchback or a large people carrier, there’s a vehicle in the Vauxhall electric range to suit you.
Offering dynamic styling, high levels of equipment, and exceptional versatility, they provide a premium driving experience and cleaner performance.


    The Benefits of Buying Electric

    Most customers choose an electric or hybrid car to reduce their carbon footprint. But making the switch offers far more than just environmental benefits. In addition to ensuring local air is cleaner, driving an EV means cheaper running costs and road tax, and more affordable maintenance. Costing between 2p-4p per mile to run, fully electric cars can save you thousands of pounds long term, while fewer moving parts means cheaper servicing. There are performance benefits too, including a near-silent drive and instant torque, which results in swifter acceleration.

    Key Benefits Include

    Electric cars offer a range of financial, performance and environmental benefits when compared with internal combustion engine vehicles.

    GREENER Electric vehicles produce fewer CO2 and NOx emissions than petrol or diesel cars, making them better for the environment.
    Faster The electric motor in an electric or hybrid car produces instant torque, making acceleration from 0-62mph quicker.
    CHEAPER TO RUN Electricity is cheaper than fuel, and electric cars cost between 1-10p per mile to run. As such, you could save over £1,000 a year on fuel, depending on the model you drive and your electricity tariff.
    MORE CONVENIENT TO OWN Electric cars can be plugged in at your destination, meaning you don’t need to make specific fuel stops. You may also get priority or dedicated parking at certain locations.
    SOON TO BE CHEAPER TO BUY OR LEASE Electric cars are expected to become cheaper to produce in the next few years, due to the falling cost of battery manufacture. That means they’ll soon be cheaper to buy or lease.

    UK Charging Points

    28,766 (As of December 2019)

    East Midlands: 1,682 (5.9%)

    East of England: 1,777 (5.9%)

    Greater London: 7,461 (26%)

    North East: 1,067 (3.7%)

    North West: 2,168 (7.5%)

    Scotland: 3,762 (13.1%)

    South East: 3,874 (13.5%)

    South West: 2,276 (7.9%)

    Wales: 939 (3.3%)

    West Midlands: 1,654 (5.8%)

    Yorkshire: 1,469 (5.1%)

    Others: 637 (2%)

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    Electric Vehicle FAQs

    Below, we answer some of the most common questions about electric and hybrid vehicles. If you’d like to learn more, don’t hesitate to get in touch with us. 

    What is a Hybrid Vehicle?


    A hybrid car is a vehicle that pairs a combustion engine with a battery pack and electric motor. Both provide power to a greater or lesser extent. 

    Where can I charge my Electric Vehicle?


    Your electric vehicle can be charged at home or at one of the many public charging points across the country. 

    How do electric vehicles work?


    Electric vehicles use a battery pack and one or two electric motors to propel them, instead of a combustion engine. 

    How often do hybrid batteries need replacing?


    Hybrid batteries come with an extensive warranty – usually 8-12 years, so rarely need replacing during the vehicle’s lifetime.

    How efficient are Electric Vehicles compared to standard Diesel/Petrol Vehicles?


    Like with petrol and diesel cars, the efficiency of your electric car depends on several factors including the external temperature and your driving style.

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