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Vauxhall Air Conditioning Service

When was the last time you had the air conditioning system of your car serviced? If you can’t remember, why not have it looked at by our expert mechanics? We’ll ensure everything is in good working order and that you’re not breathing in anything you shouldn’t that may have been caught up in the system. Our job is to make vehicle ownership a breeze, so contact us today about our affordable aftersales services and embrace responsible car ownership. We have dealerships across Gloucestershire, Herefordshire, Worcestershire & Merthyr Tydfil for your convenience and look forward to meeting you.

Why Does My Vehicle Need an Air Conditioning Service?

Just like all other elements of your vehicle, poor maintenance of your air conditioning system can lead to poor performance. Without regular cleaning and repairs, you might not be able to cool your car down easily in warmer weather. Similarly, with dust and bugs trapped in the system, you’ll be breathing in all kinds of germs that can be easily eradicated with a service. Condensation can also lead to a blockage in the system which might require some attention.

What Can I Expect from an Air Conditioning Service?

At Baylis, we will restore your air conditioning system to its former glory by replenishing refrigerant and oils to manufacturer-recommended levels, expelling air and moisture from the system, checking for leaks, ensuring the temperature output is correct and cleaning the aircon unit to get rid of germs and bad smells. If a major fault is spotted, we can also book in a repair at a time that suits you.

Air Conditioning Service Prices

Our air conditioning services start from £39 and include a full visual health check of your vehicle. We can also check the temperature of your aircon for free to let you know whether a full service is advisable or not.

For hay fever sufferers, the cabin particulate filter is there to help on hot summer days. Even better, and for cleaner air, you can replace the particulate filter with a carbon combination filter, which captures approximately 90% of all harmful substances ensuring fresh, clean air.

Aircon temperature check - FREE

Aircon anti-bacterial de-bug treatment - £39

Basic air conditioning service - £69

Diagnostic leak detection and basic service £89

Contact us for more information today and ensure your system is in good working order. Our expert mechanics are always happy to help.