Visual Health Check

Keeping your car performing at a high level is important, both for your safety and enjoyment. But however well you know your vehicle, it can sometimes be difficult to spot problems. At Baylis our expert technicians offer a visual health check service whenever you visit our dealership for servicing or repair work, to ensure you always know the condition your car is in.

The visual health check at Baylis servicing is simple, and our technicians will guide you through the process. Once your car is up on the ramp we’ll inspect the underside thoroughly, to make sure parts that are harder for you to get to – like the brakes – are not showing any signs of wear. All of the information will be carefully analysed and presented using a straightforward traffic light system: the green light means parts of your car are fine, components with the amber light need to be looked at later, and those with the red light need essential attention.

The service adviser will then run through the finished report with you, and explain any work that needs to be done. As your car is already on our service centre ramp you can choose to have it seen to immediately, to save time and worry.

All of our technicians are manufacturer-trained, so you can be confident they are completing repairs to the highest possible standard, and we’ll always offer you competitive deals.

However, drivers who benefit from our visual health check are not obliged to have the work completed by us, giving you even more freedom.

For an expert visual health check and state-of-the-art servicing, choose Baylis servicing today. To find out more please contact our helpful team of advisers, or use the simple service booking form below to arrange your visual health check for a convenient time.