At Baylis Vauxhall, we’re electric and hybrid specialists. Our manufacturer-trained technicians are fully qualified to work on all Vauxhall models, including those that feature an electrified powertrain. You can put your complete faith in us, knowing that we’ll quickly and affordably get to the bottom of any issues.

Charging If you drive a plug-in hybrid or pure-electric Vauxhall, we recommend an annual charge-port service. After all, it’s an important interface through which your vehicle regularly receives electrical top-ups. We’ll check to see that it’s working correctly and thus delivering optimal efficiency. We’ll make sure that it’s safe too.
Driving Style The way you drive your electrified Vauxhall will have a bearing on the level of servicing it requires. If you regularly put a lot of miles on the clock, suspension and tyres, for example, will need to be checked more often than not.
Regenerative Braking A feature of most electric, plug-in hybrid and hybrid cars, regenerative braking harnesses kinetic energy (captured during braking) which is used to charge the battery. Although this system tends to last longer than a conventional braking system, it nevertheless requires maintenance – ideally, at least once a year.


Depending on the type of electrified Vauxhall vehicle you drive, its overall servicing requirements will differ. Our technical experts know exactly what to look out for. Whether you require an Interim, Main or Major service, we’re confident you’ll be more than happy with the results – and our prices. It’s worth bearing in mind too that we only ever use genuine Vauxhall parts, which come fully warranted.

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Servicing FAQs

If you have any questions, please consult our frequently asked servicing questions below.

Is servicing an electric vehicle different to servicing a petrol/ diesel vehicle?


In terms of its powertrain and regenerative braking system, yes. In other respects, it’s pretty much the same. While electric cars tend to be easier and more cost-effective to maintain, they nevertheless require regular servicing to ensure they offer optimal roadworthiness and safety.

How long does a service take?


Depending on the type of service you require, anywhere between 90 minutes and three hours.

What is included in a service?


Among other things, we’ll examine your vehicle’s electric motor(s), battery, brakes, tyres and suspension. We’ll also check transmission oil and battery coolant – which we’ll top-up or change if necessary.

How regularly should I service my electric vehicle?


It depends on the model. Please check your owner manual for service-schedule details or feel free to contact us.