Frequently Asked Questions


What should my tyre pressure be?

Please refer to your vehicle’s handbook for this information.

Does my car come with a spare wheel or a tyre inflation kit?

Your vehicle does not generally come with a spare wheel as standard however most come with a tyre inflation kit. 

How often do I need to get my Vauxhall serviced?

Your vehicle needs to be serviced every year from its first registration date/ from the last service it’s had or every 20,000 miles whichever comes first. This is to ensure you stay within the manufacturers warranty. 

Where can I buy spare parts and accessories, and how much do they cost?

You can buy spare parts and accessories from our parts department, please browse through the range of accessories we have at if you would like a price query answered please give us a call

Which Service Should I choose?

To keep within the manufactures warranty, you can choose between the WarrantyFit service or the MasterFit service, these come in two different levels, the full service or the interim service. For a brand-new vehicle, you will be due an interim service after the first year, this will alternate every year after. If you are unsure which level to go for please take a look at the page on our website

What do I need to bring when I bring my car in for service?

For your service you will need to bring with you, your locking wheel nuts and service book along with your driver’s license. 

Are all services available on all cars?

For your service you will need to bring with you, your locking wheel nuts and service book along with your driver’s license. 


What are your available payment methods?

We accept cash, cheque, card and apple pay. 

Can you arrange my finance for my new car?

Yes of course, any one of our sales experts will be more than ​happy to help!

Can you settle my finance on my old car?

Yes, as long as you have a current settlement letter from current finance provider. 

What warranty is offered with a new vehicle?

For a brand-new vehicle, you get 3 years warranty or up to 60,000 miles over 3 years. 


Where can I find technical specifications for my Vauxhall?

You can find these in your vehicle’s handbook. 

How do I find my vehicle’s paint code?

The paint code can be found in the chassis number; however, these are located on different parts of various vehicles. The best thing to do would be to contact your local Baylis dealership to find out.  

I have a fault with my Vauxhall. Is this covered by the warranty?

This entirely depends on what the issue is with the vehicle, we do not discuss warranty over the phone as our fully qualified technicians would need to investigate the issue with your vehicle first. 

Is my Vehicle warranty transferable between owners?

With Network Q vehicles it is however with a Baylis vehicle 

Do I get roadside assistance with my new Vauxhall?

Yes, for 1 year

Where are your Vauxhall cars made?

A selection of Vauxhall models are manufactured in the UK

Do you take part exchanges?

Yes, we do, our sales experts will carry out a full condition of appraisal for you if you bring your car into us

Why choose us?

Here at Baylis Vauxhall we pride ourselves on our high standard of service, we are a progressive company with a focus of staff development and training to ensure we achieve this standard.  We are able to offer customers the most competitive rates and terms in all areas of our business. Not only this but over the past five years Baylis have undergone refurbishment of the various showrooms. We also are proud to announce that we were ranked 45th best bompany to work for out of 100 other companies that qualified. After being named ‘one to watch’, four times, Baylis has gone up to one star for 2019., the highest being 3 stars.  

I can’t seem to find the car I am looking for on your website, can you help?

We are always happy to help! Please feel free to give us a call

Do you buy private vehicles?

Yes we do, we will carry out a full condition of appraisal on your vehicle.

What breakdown cover is offered with a new vehicle?

1-year breakdown assistance is offered as part of the manufactures warranty. 

What do I need to bring to my handover?

You will need your car, V5, service history, locking wheel nuts, MOT, both keys and anything you had when the vehicle was bought.