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Frequently Asked Questions


What should my tyre pressure be?

The recommended tyre pressure of your vehicle depends on the specific model and how fully laden it is. You can find the correct pressures in your vehicle’s handbook.

Does my car come with a spare wheel or a tyre inflation kit?

Most Vauxhalls are not available with a spare wheel as standard. Many, however, do come with a tyre inflation kit for your convenience.

How often do I need to get my Vauxhall serviced?

The service intervals for your Vauxhall depend on the model you’re driving, but as a rule servicing is recommended every year from the first registration date or every 20,000 miles – whichever comes first. Annual servicing ensures your vehicle remains covered by its warranty. You can find out when your next service is due by contacting your local Baylis Vauxhall aftersales department.

Where can I buy spare parts and accessories, and how much do they cost?

At Baylis Vauxhall we have a dedicated parts department where you can purchase parts and accessories. You can browse the range at or make an enquiry using our online form. Pricing depends on the accessory you are looking for – feel free to contact us for details.

Which Service Should I choose?

In order for your Vauxhall to remain covered by its warranty, you will need to book either a WarrantyFit or MasterFit service annually. These come in two different tiers: interim service and full service. Interim services are typically carried out every other year with a full service in between. You can find out more by visiting or by contacting the aftersales department at your local Baylis Vauxhall dealer.

What do I need to bring when I bring my car in for service?

When you arrive for your service, you’ll need to have your service book, locking wheel nuts and driver’s licence to hand. We will also, of course, need the car keys to access your model.

Are all services available on all cars?

To find out more about the services that are available on your particular Vauxhall model, please contact your local Baylis Vauxhall dealership.

How much is a Vauxhall Service?

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The cost of your Vauxhall service depends on the model you drive and the type of service you require. As at June 2019, prices start from just £82.95, but for a tailored quote, please contact your local Baylis Vauxhall dealership.

How often should you service your Vauxhall?

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Here at Baylis, we recommend that your Vauxhall is serviced every year or 12,000 miles, whichever comes first. If you are unsure when your next service is due, contact us today.

How long does a Vauxhall service take?

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The duration of a Vauxhall service depends on the model and the type of service being carried out. Typically we expect to be working on your vehicle for no more than three hours.

What is included in a Vauxhall major service?

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The major service is the most comprehensive type we offer and includes a wide range of checks and tests. We look at your engine, tyres, brakes, filters, fluids and more, and will send a video to you showing any work that needs to be completed for your peace of mind. We can also make recommendations on whether items such as your timing belt will need replacing in the near future.


What are your available payment methods?

In addition to standard methods of payment such as cash, card, cheque and Apple Pay, we offer several finance packages that enable you to fund your new or used Vauxhall affordably. Please visit or get in touch with your local Baylis Vauxhall dealership for further information.

Can you arrange my finance for my new car?

Absolutely. Our sales experts are knowledgeable about the selection of finance packages that we offer and can talk you through them, helping you to find the right one for you. We offer popular plans such as PCP and PCH – find out more by visiting our finance section or contacting your local Baylis Vauxhall dealership.

Can you settle my finance on my old car?

Should you need finance settlement on your old car, we can help. Simply provide us with a current settlement letter from your existing finance provider, and we can ensure everything is processed and completed quickly and simply.

What warranty is offered with a new vehicle?

Brand new Vauxhall vehicles come with a standard warranty of three years or 60,000 miles covered over three years. You can enjoy unlimited mileage in the first 12 months from registration, and all repairs and replacements not arising from normal wear and tear are covered, provided they’re carried out by a Vauxhall trained technician.


Where can I find technical specifications for my Vauxhall?

The technical specifications for your vehicle can be found in its handbook.

How do I find my vehicle’s paint code?

The paint code of your Vauxhall is typically found in the chassis number. This, however, has a different location depending on the model you’re driving. To find out where your vehicle’s chassis number is, contact your local Baylis Vauxhall dealership.

I have a fault with my Vauxhall. Is this covered by the warranty?

Whether the fault with your Vauxhall is covered by its warranty depends both on the fault itself and which type of warranty you are covered by. The warranty does not typically cover normal wear and tear. To find out more, please book an appointment with your local Baylis Vauxhall dealership – our technicians will be able to inspect the vehicle and confirm whether or not the issue is covered.

Is my Vehicle warranty transferable between owners?

Vauxhall’s standard new car warranty is transferrable, meaning that should you change your car after two years, the next buyer will benefit from the remainder of the term. Network Q vehicle warranties are also transferrable; however, our own used car warranties are not.

Do I get roadside assistance with my new Vauxhall?

Your new Vauxhall comes with one year’s roadside assistance included for added peace of mind. This is provided by the RAC and covers anyone driving your vehicle with your permission.

Where are your Vauxhall cars made?

A range of Vauxhall models are manufactured here in the UK. The Ellesmere Port plant, for example, has been in operation since 1963 and produces the Astra Hatch and Sports Tourer.

Do you take part exchanges?

We’re happy to accept vehicles in part exchange, and will offer you a fair, competitive price based on the condition and mileage of your car. Simply bring it to your local Baylis dealership and our sales experts will be happy to inspect it.

Why choose us?

Here at Baylis Vauxhall we pride ourselves on our high standard of service, and are a progressive company with a focus on staff development and training.  We offer customers the most competitive rates and terms in all areas of our business. Not only this, but over the past five years our various showrooms have undergone refurbishment, presenting a modern environment in which you can view our vehicles. We also are proud to announce that we were ranked 45th best company to work for out of 100 other companies that qualified. After being named ‘one to watch’, four times, Baylis has gone up to one star for 2019, the highest being 3 stars. 

I can’t seem to find the car I am looking for on your website, can you help?

We understand that our stock may not always include the vehicle you’re looking for. In such cases, simply get in touch and we will be happy to help source your ideal model, or offer alternatives to suit your needs.

Do you buy private vehicles?

We’re happy to buy private vehicles and, as with part-exchange, will carry out a full appraisal of the condition of your car before offering a competitive quote.

What breakdown cover is offered with a new vehicle?

Your new Vauxhall comes with one year’s breakdown cover included as part of the manufacturer’s warranty. This is provided by the RAC and covers anyone driving your vehicle with your permission.

What do I need to bring to my handover?

When you sell a vehicle to us, you’ll need to bring your car’s logbook (V5C), service history, locking wheel nuts, MOT certificate, both keys and any additional items that came with the vehicle when you bought it. Without these we may not be able to complete the transaction.