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Vauxhall PCH

Also known as a personal lease, Personal Contract Hire – or PCH – is a simple and affordable way in which to finance your new Vauxhall car. It’s a great option for motorists who don’t wish to own their vehicle outright, and who want low monthly payments to suit their budget.

How it works

PCH is essentially a long-term car rental agreement, which enables you to drive away in the model of your choice for a fixed monthly fee. It differs from PCP in that there is no option to buy your Vauxhall at the end of the contract, and as such there are only two parts to the payments:

Initial payment – You’ll be required to make an initial payment on the vehicle, which typically equates to 3-12 monthly instalments.

Monthly payments – At the beginning of the contract, you will agree on the fixed monthly payments, which will be calculated based on your chosen lease period (typically 2-4 years) and your anticipated annual mileage.

Once all the payments have been made, you return the car to us and can either take out a finance package on a new vehicle or simply walk away.

Things to note

Due to the affordability of the monthly payments on a PCH deal, many motorists find they can stretch their budget further – perhaps to a higher spec model or a larger vehicle. In addition, maintenance fees can be incorporated into your package, making payments simpler and reassuring you that any servicing that’s required is covered.

At the beginning of the agreement, you’ll set an annual mileage with us. Should you exceed this, a fee applies when you return the car, which is charged on a cost per mile basis. Similarly, any damage incurred beyond regular wear and tear may be charged for at the end of the contract.

To find out more about PCH, contact us today.