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10 signs you should buy a new car

The choice between sticking with your current car and taking the plunge on purchasing a new one can be difficult to make, but it doesn’t have to be. If you take the time to logically consider your personal situation and the things you’re looking for a vehicle to provide, then the right choice should become clear.

1) Is this your first car?

Buying a new car as a first purchase brings a number of advantages over a secondhand or hand-me-down vehicle – the latter may be cheaper to begin with, but may end up costing more in the long run.

2) The mileage will be all yours…

A used car will obviously have a higher mileage than a new car. A high mileage can prove that the car has had a long and useful life, but each use of the engine adds wear and tear to the vehicle. Which leads to the question…?

3) Is your car still reliable?

Wear and tear adds up over the course of a vehicle’s lifetime, making it less reliable and adds to the cost of maintenance. This means you find yourself asking…

4) What is the cost of servicing and repairing your car?

The more use a car gets the more likely it is that elements will wear down, increasing the cost of services and MOTs. In the case of older cars, it may also be difficult to track down specific parts, which adds both to monetary cost and time spent without your vehicle.

5) Is your current car economical and ecological?

The standards for emissions and fuel economy are becoming tighter with each passing year, with research and technology advancing all the time. A new car will have the latest fuel economy technology meaning they will cost you less to run and, with lower CO2 emission, less to tax.

6) Would a new car aid your family situation?

A new family with their first child will have to consider additional safety features. Might a different car offer more protection and peace of mind? Similarly, if you care for elderly relatives, a new car may provide better access and space for less mobile passengers.

7) Do you carry large amounts of luggage, or aim to transport pets?

A new vehicle may offer new options in terms of luggage space or seat-folding options. Can you carry sports equipment on the roof, or on the back of the vehicle? These needs can be easily dealt with depending on the vehicle.

8) How is your commute to work?

You should be able to start and end the day in comfort, rather than putting up with a problematic vehicle. If you have a sedentary desk job, an uncomfortable car may contribute to health problems. If you’ve recently started a new job, do you need a more professional vehicle?

9) Have you recently moved house?

Different cars suit different locations. A smart city car may not be suitable for rural living, but a car that suits different weather and terrain types would be perfect. Cars exist for all options, so don’t be afraid to explore your choices.

10) Are you bored with your current car?

A car is useful for getting from A to B but driving should also be a pleasure, and it isn’t a bad thing to admit that driving your current car is no longer exciting. Find a car that excites you, and learn to love driving again!

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