Vauxhall PCP

Once you’ve chosen your ideal new or used Vauxhall vehicle, you’ll be looking for a suitable way to finance it. Here at Baylis Vauxhall, we offer a wide range of flexible options, one of which is Personal Contract Purchase – or PCP.

This is a popular option for customers who like to change their car reasonably regularly, but who prefer low monthly payments that can fit their budget.

How does it work?

Although a Vauxhall vehicle represents excellent value for money, not everyone is able to stump up the cash to buy one outright. Indeed, the majority of UK car sales are achieved with financing.

Here at Baylis Vauxhall, we provide the most popular car financing solution of all: Personal Contract Purchase (PCP).

PCP is flexible. It allows you to choose a deposit amount and term length and enjoy the convenience of fixed monthly payments, which mean no unexpected costs.

As opposed to Hire Purchase, PCP offers more options – before you decide whether or not to make the final ‘balloon’ payment, you can…

  • Make the payment and keep the car
  • Decline the payment, hand the car back and walk away – effectively, you’ll have leased the vehicle
  • Begin a new PCP agreement and select a brand-new Vauxhall

Check out our new car offers today to find a deal that appeals.

If you have any questions or if you’d like to book a test drive, please contact your local Baylis Vauxhall showroom team as soon as you’re ready.

Things to note

At the beginning of the agreement, you’ll set an annual mileage with us. Should you exceed this, a fee applies when you return the car. In addition, it’s worth noting that you won’t own the car, so any damage may be charged for at the end of the contract.

To find out more about PCP, contact us today.