will we do?

We will arrange for fully trained personnel to service or repair your vehicle

We will fit manufacturer equivalent parts and oil so your vehicle warranty is preserved

We will guarantee our work and parts for a minimum of 12 month warranty

We will service your vehicle using the latest equipment, stamp the service book and reset the service lights

We will email or text you a free video from the mechanic whilst working on your vehicle

Service Checklist

Item Service Items Include: Interim Full
1 Use protective seat cover and floor mat
2 Drain engine oil
3 Replace oil filter
4 Check/correct windscreen/headlamp washer level
5 Stamp service book
6 Reset service lights
7 Carry out electronic video report
8 Check lights, indicators and other signalling devices
9 Check operation of horn, wipers and washers
10 Check windscreen wipers for wear
11 Check antifreeze protection
12 Check coolant level
13 Check brake fluid level
14 Check power steering fluid level
15 Remove road wheels
16 Check front brake pads and discs for wear
17 Check rear pads and discs for wear (as applicable)
18 Visually check brake system
19 Check hand brake
20 Visually check exhaust system
21 Visually check steering rack and driveshaft bellow
22 Visually check front and rear suspension
23 Visually check fuel lines and pipe work
24 Check/adjust tyre pressures
25 Check and record tyre tread depths
26 Check for tyre damage and/or signs of wheel misalignment
27 Check clutch pedal
28 Visually check engine for oil leaks
29 Visually check transmission for oil leaks
30 Refill Engine with standard mineral oil (Specialist oil charge additionally)
31 Road test
32 Check operation/feel of brakes
33 Remove brake drum. clean and visual check (as applicable)
34 Check spark plugs if required additional charge
35 Check air filter
36 Check for engine noise/smoke
37 Check auto transmission fluid level (as applicable)
38 Remove spare wheel, check condition and record tread depth
39 Check spare tyre pressure and re-fit
40 Check headlamp adjustment
41 Visually check air conditioning compressor for leaks (as applicable)
42 Lubricate hinges, door stop. lock cylinders, strikers and bonnet catch
43 Check tyre pressure monitoring system (where installed)
44 Check operation of clutch
45 Check operation of transmission
46 Check ignition lock
47 Check auxiliary drive belt
48 Check/top up battery and check terminals
49 Check safety belts
50 Check windowscreen and mirrors for cracks and damage